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  • Includes our age and stage comparison worksheet to determine your financial health in relation to your peers
  • Also includes our popular Beginner Investor Course to get you started investing in the stock market outside of your employers' retirement account.
  • Includes our Financial Independence worksheet to determine your target number to never have to work for a paycheck again
  • Multiple worksheets with easy to understand language to move quickly ahead in order to determine your next steps
Flash Sale Financial Navigation

I knew I needed to focus more on my finances but I just never felt like I had the time. This tool kit was straight to the point and was a time saver. I no longer feel indecisive about what I should do with my money.

-Arah L.-

Wealth Twins

The Financial Navigation Tool Kit Is Designed To

Help You Intentionally Use Your Money. 


  • Quickly map out and make financial decisions on your own, so that you can dictate the quality of life you desire.
  • Finally, stop feeling frustrated about not knowing what to do with your money so you can avoid the regret of not taking action sooner.
  • Have confidence that you are making the right money moves for you.
  • Set yourself up for success in as little as one weekend
  • Say goodbye to confusion or feeling overwhelmed by unnecessary info
  • Outline a financial plan that is customized to your unique needs and risk tolerance

Hi, we're Nadia & Nicole

Just like you, we never had the “time” to think about our money.

We were so focused on our immediate needs and busy schedules, that we never took the time to focus on what we needed to be done to secure our finances for the next 10-15-30 years down the line.

We didn’t know how to use money as a tool to build wealth and improve the quality of our lives for the long term.

Fast forward to today, we are now millionaire moms who love teaching others how to build their wealth.

Maybe you don’t know where to put your money or what is the best way to make a return on it. Or maybe you kind of know what is available but you are scared to make a mistake. 

The Financial Navigation Tool Kit is the best place to start. We pass on the knowledge we’ve gained so that you can make more informed decisions with your money. 

You can find out more about us at www.wealthtwins.com

Nadia & Nicole

The Financial Navigation Tool Kit was very organized and easy to use. It really helped me get a greater understanding or my priorities. It also laid the foundation for the steps I need to take to start investing for my future

-Melissa H.-


We've got A's for your Q's

Does it matter if I am not good with numbers?

Absolutely not. We created the Financial Navigation Tool Kit to be simple and effective. You don't need to be good with numbers. You only have to be comfortable with basic math like addition and subtraction. Beyond those skills, all you have to do is follow our step-by-step instructions.

What is your refund policy?

Due to the digital nature of our product, we cannot offer refunds. Once you download the product you have continuous access. We have taken those factors into account in the creation of the tool kit. We created a high quality product at a reasonable price that delivers great results.

Do I have to complete the tool kit in one weekend or can I work on it in my spare time?

The Financial Navigation Tool Kit is meant to be completed in just a few hours. We understand that everyone has a busy schedule and life gets hectic. The tool kit is self paced and can be done any time you have a moment to work on your financial future. However, we highly suggest that you carve out the time to complete the tool kit in as few sessions as possible, so that you can take action on your money goals.

Are there any prerequisites before starting on the tool kit?

No. The tool kit has been created so that you can jump right in and start. If you want to make sure you are extra ready, make sure to grab our free Money GPS guide too.

What's included in the Financial Navigation Tool Kit?

Your purchase of the Financial Navigation Tool Kit gives you access to our 4 step process to discover and take action on the next step in your financial journey as well as access to our interview strategy to obtain a higher paying job, our "Make It Happen" plan to crush your goals and make them a reality. In addition to multiple resources to increase your income and our course for beginners to start investing in the Stock Market.

How will I receive the Financial Navigation Tool Kit?

The tool kit will be delivered to the email address provided after you check out your purchase. You will receive a file to download that contains all material and relevant links within minutes after payment.

I've been looking for a resource that would help me know what to do after I had my emergency savings taken care of and little debt. After using the Financial Navigation Tool Kit, I know exactly where I should focus my efforts. The price was right and I am glad I found the twins. They are "aunties" I wish I always had.

-Jennifer Y.-


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