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Before you begin investing you need to set yourself up for success. Our Money GPS ScoreCard was designed to help you determine if now is the right time for you to become an investor.

Our Money GPS ScoreCard will quickly help you identify where you can improve to put more money towards investing and build wealth.

If you are struggling to know where you need to start in order to start investing, our Money GPS ScoreCard is the perfect first step. It will:

  • Reveal if you are ready to start investing in the stock market
  • Identify areas of improvements to increase cash flow to put more money towards investing
  • Get clear action steps that will move you forward to begin building wealth through investing

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The Money GPS ScoreCard was a real eye-opener! It showed me exactly what areas I need to improve upon and so that I can invest with less risk. I loved that it was easy to use and I was able to give myself a score and record what I needed to do next. Thank you, Twins, for such a helpful resource!

- Lisa A. -

Hi, we're Nadia & Nicole

and we know what it is like to be unsure of how to turn your income into wealth.

In fact, we started the Wealth Twins in order to help others who are overwhelmed with their personal finances.

We are millionaire moms who love teaching others how to build their wealth.

We are ex-Wall Street executives who took trainings, became certified traders, read lots of books, and practiced with our own money to master the fundamentals of wealth building through investing.

We failed, learned, and adjusted our strategies along the way. 

We pass on the knowledge that we have gained to help you make more informed decisions when investing your money. 

Nadia & Nicole